iAds mobile advertising

I’ve been busy so I completely ignored the avalanche of news on Twitter/Google Reader and went straight for Greg Yardley’s opinion on Apple’s iAds mobile advertising platform.  You can find it here: iPhone 4.0 & iAds advertising.

I agree that there are still a lot of unanswered questions on things such as targeting, reporting, backfill, and brand protection.  These are all familiar issues that all ad networks deal with.

I look at the whole thing and the major theme I see in front of me is disintermediation.  Apple doesn’t want Google, Adobe, or anyone else for that matter to come in between them and their users.

As for the other (smaller) networks and middlemen, Apple can use their brand to get enough momentum on the demand side because agencies will be tripping over themselves to get on the platform.  Once you have that side, the other side will fall into place and running the business should just come down to inertia at that point.

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