Rubicon Project: We are on track to do $100M+ in revenue this year, and with discipline, will reach profitability in Q4 of 2010

CEO Frank Addante says now they have made it, they can now optimize for profit and is making some changes:

Reduction in team:

there must be discipline around ensuring that all the team members who are with us are at the top of their game – and completely focused on the right things. To truly be optimized for profitability, you have to make decisions about people who aren’t hitting their performance targets with greater discipline than you might have during an optimized-for-speed phase.

Focusing on premium publishers:

We’re making some changes to the way we do business to ensure those areas, which will drive us to both reach our profitability goal and service our customers, premium Web publishers, most effectively, will get the most time, attention and resources.

Doubling down on their supply side platform business:

To do this, we have to be sure that our technology platform, REVV for publishers, is the best possible choice for accelerating ad revenue – essentially that it continues to outperform the alternatives in all the areas we’re focused on. So we’re adding people and other resources in the areas that drive our technology; including 5-8 people on our product and engineering teams to help us achieve the technology vision we laid out in our manifesto.

This is nice and all but there’s another story that we’re not privy to that’s really motivating these changes.

via Frank Addante’s FounderBlog: Part II: Optimized for Profitability.

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