You have to run a cost-effective, cheap, and rapidly developed CMS

I was told for years by publishing company IT people that blog CMSes would never be good enough to run serious sites.

Right now, your operation needs a really good reason for NOT running on a cost-effective, cheap, and rapidly developed CMS like WordPress. And yet, the custom, bespoke magazine/newspaper CMS still reigns supreme.

via The New Yorker’s WordPress regeneration – One Man and His Blog.

The indie app gold rush is over

Let’s face it, the app gold rush is well over. It is now much harder to make it into the market and it requires more planning, financial investment and time. On top of that, competition is fierce, your app may get sherlocked 1 by Apple and become a part of the next OS release or may lose traction because a VC funded company is offering a free alternative and has near to unlimited funds for market it while they figure out how to monetize it. 2

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Monetizing Reddit while not pissing off the users

For Reddit, a large campaign from an advertiser runs in the $100,000 range, according to this person, while a good-size single ad sale is around $20,000.

Reddit’s game plan is not where the advertising market is going.  This is diametrically opposed to Reddit’s refusal to collect users’ personal data.

The Buzzfeed arbitrage:

Staff members at the website Buzzfeed routinely mine Reddit for popular photos and memes, then repackage that content into so-called listicles that go viral.

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Will mobile evolve to a channel model, like television?

Fred Wilson, who is a champion of the open web (because that’s how his investments are aligned), argues that if “carrier subsidized mobile apps” becomes pervasive, the mobile ecosystem would become more similar to a television model, and that’s bad.  In other words, we’d be back to a model that’s similar to the mobile carrier deck.  Carriers like that, so if I’m a carrier, I’m pushing for these deals and trying to shift the ecosystem towards this model.

But what all of this zero rating activity is setting up is a mobile internet that looks a lot more like cable TV than our wide open Internet. Soon a startup will have to negotiate a zero rating plan before launching because mobile app customers will be trained to only use apps that are zero rated on their network.

via The Scourge Of Zero Rating – AVC.

The best thing Apple could do to increase the quality of apps is remove every top list from the App Store.

The app market is becoming a mature, developed industry, with vastly increased commoditization compared to its early days. Competition is ubiquitous, relentless, and often shameless, even in categories that were previously under-the-radar niches. Standing out requires more effort than ever, yet profits are harder to come by than ever.

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