The next big trend in online retail? On-site ads

Three years ago, selling ads on an e-commerce site was a cautious experiment. Retailers worried ads would simply send the shopper elsewhere, rather than converting them into a customer. Now, most sophisticated e-commerce operations – from Wal-Mart and Target to Sears, Sports Authority, and Toys R Us, have a media sales and audience monetization team, Opdyke says. Eight out of ten US retailers now use display advertising, featured products and sponsored links to advertise the wares on their sites, according to a recent study by OC&C Strategy Consultants.

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Ads On Cups and Cutlery Next Big Winners In Meeker’s ‘Time Spent’ Analysis

Time spent is a proxy but you have to really understand what’s going on and the way you do that is dive into the data and look at all the metrics together.  It’s not really that different than traditional equity research.


The point is that time alone is a very blunt — and inaccurate — way to allocate money across media and devices. Here’s why:

Not all media activities are equal. (a quality argument)

Massive, efficient reach matters.

Reach into local markets and niche audiences matters.

At the end of the day, the media has to convert and show effectiveness.

Time spent with something doesn’t make it ad media

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The App That Lets You Spy on Yourself and Sell Your Own Data

More on personal data lockers:

For Citizenme, the price you pay is much higher, and it’s trying to shift internet economics back in your direction. The long-term plan is to provide a way for you to sell your own online data directly to advertisers and others of your choosing. But it isn’t there just yet. In the meantime, it’s focused on helping you collect and analyze your social media data through a mobile app that connects to multiple social networks—giving you more insight into how things work today.

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Network Lets You Sell Your Data For Cloud Storage

This has been tried before.  Each time another batch of startups tries again, I try to keep an open mind.

Ctrl-Shift, a London-based marketing consultancy, says it is seeing an average launch rate of one new “personal information management services” initiative a week. These companies and organizations, or PIMS, aim to help individuals assert more control over their data, and get more value from it…

One gigabyte is not enough to store photos, music, and video though, so individuals can use their private data as currency to buy more cloud storage, for example, by selling their shoe size and wardrobe preferences to a clothing brand. The brand pays for that channel to a user’s data, and the money is split between the individual user, the cloud provider, and the Respect Network. Mr. Reed could not say how private data will be priced, as the network will only start offering the business model in November. He added however that the business itself would likely set the value of an individual’s data.

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Google is now using domain for embedding Youtube and javascript libraries– can now track you all over the WWW

Haven’t confirmed this but if true, it should hit more mainstream outlets in a bit:

Embedded youtube videos and javascript libraries now redirect to a path under – capturing all your cookies, your account ID if you’re logged in and all your search history if you’re not logged in but enable cookies(basically everyone). The only safeguard against massive privacy invasion was the fact that cookies meant for googleapis and googleanalytics did not get sent to – now they do. Skynet is finally here: Google is controlling every single thing anyone does on the World Wide Web. RIP Privacy on the web.

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