Google is now using domain for embedding Youtube and javascript libraries– can now track you all over the WWW

Haven’t confirmed this but if true, it should hit more mainstream outlets in a bit:

Embedded youtube videos and javascript libraries now redirect to a path under – capturing all your cookies, your account ID if you’re logged in and all your search history if you’re not logged in but enable cookies(basically everyone). The only safeguard against massive privacy invasion was the fact that cookies meant for googleapis and googleanalytics did not get sent to – now they do. Skynet is finally here: Google is controlling every single thing anyone does on the World Wide Web. RIP Privacy on the web.

via Google is now loading JS libraries from – Tracking you all over the WWW including your ID if you’re logged in. : privacy.

EverythingMe Releases Its Contextual Launcher Globally

Android launchers are a curious market.  From the US tech POV, they seem very niche but the ability to create something that can scale distribution in a broad market and control so much user attention is something to keep an eye on.

EverythingMe‘s contextual launcher aims to customize your Android home screen so that you get exactly what you need every time you switch on your phone. It’s the results of years of work on mobile discovery. And today, the app is available globally.

via EverythingMe Releases Its Contextual Launcher Globally | TechCrunch.

Is time spent a better metric than pageviews? Upworthy says it is, and open-sources its code for attention minutes — Tech News and Analysis

Both digital publishers and advertisers are trying to come up with a more accurate way of measuring the value of a reader than just raw pageviews or uniques. Upworthy says its “attention minutes” metric is better, and it has opened up the code for anyone to use

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Mobile devices have turned us into advertising hungry, nonstop retail monsters

Sponsored research:

We’re becoming shopping-hungry monsters on mobile, according to Criteo…

Criteo’s report saw that we’re significantly more likely to click on mobile ads than on desktop. We’re not only online a lot more now thanks to smartphones, but we’re a lot more amenable to brand messages.

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Foursquare to Begin Charging Fees

Monetizaion: on

Foursquare Labs Inc. said it would begin charging some businesses for access to its database of restaurants, shops and other local venues, as it tries to make money from information it has gathered from user “check-ins” in the five years since its founding.The New York startup is negotiating with the heaviest users of its data to pay fees or offer services in return, Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Glueck said. Deals will be reached on an ad-hoc basis with each developer and will affect under 1% of the 63,000…

via Foursquare to Begin Charging Fees – WSJ.

Adblock Plus now blocks Facebook’s extended tracking efforts

Adblock Plus says Facebook offers users a way to opt out of tracking, but deems it ‘predictably contentious’, circuitous and temporary by design. For those looking to block Facebook from peering into their Web browsing habits, it offers a simple and permanent alternative, Adblock Plus says.“Facebook’s blatant move against fair-minded Internet users simply cannot be tolerated so we’re trying to make sure users of Adblock Plus who also might be a Facebook user understand how to block the tracking efforts of this behemoth,” said Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus.

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