Why Verizon Wireless wants to share your data – and why I said no

Continuing the user data roundup / tab dump:

Verizon wants your deskop browser data:

Verizon Wireless recently announced changes to its Relevant Mobile Advertising Program that will allow the carrier to track your desktop surfing habits on the Web and use that information to help advertisers deliver targeted ads to your mobile phone. I found out about the change after logging into my Verizon Wireless account online and noticing this little message…

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Data Brokers Come Under Greater Scrutiny

The latest on this ongoing story of lawmaker’s investigation of data brokers.  The blurb below names some brokers and products they offer.

Data Brokers Come Under Greater Scrutiny – WSJ.com.

Epsilon Data Management, Experian and LexisNexis said they would continue to cooperate with the Senate committee. Acxiom declined to comment. Medbase200 didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Ethnic Technologies LLC provides lists with ethnic and religious groupings, including Americans broken out by race who don’t use mainstream financial services, according to its website. The site said its customers include banks, home-mortgage lenders and credit-card companies. The company didn’t return calls seeking comment.

Exact Data ConsumerBase LLC, a provider of direct-marketing services, on its website has consumer lists such as “Americans with Student Loan Debt” and “Bankrupt Consumers in Dallas.” The company didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Life tracking with bluetooth and sensor tech

This device manufacturer has decided to call the small tracking devices cookies:

Mother’s potential use is intriguing: Each Mother unit talks wirelessly to a set of smaller tracking devices, dubbed cookies, that can sense motion and temperature. You can put cookies on things and people – on your body to gather data about how much you walk, on your coffee machine to track many espressos you drink, on your front door to track whenever it is opened, on your toothbrush to see how often and how long you brush … and so forth.

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An API invasion in streaming music has Pandora hoping better data trumps bigger data — Tech News and Analysis

Been preaching this data quality shit for years:

It also follows an increasingly popular story we’re hearing one we’ll delve into at our Structure Data conference in March now that the big part of big data is being exposed as overblown in some circles. It’s important to have big data, but better to have the right data; it’s important to have a lot of songs, but better to have the right ones.

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Epsilon, Altegrity and Acxiom– these for-profit intel behemoths are involved in everything from debt collection…

On data collectors, brokers, and monetizers:

As big as Infogroup is, there are dozens of other for-profit intelligence businesses that are even bigger: massive multi-national intel conglomerates with revenues in the billions of dollars. Some of them, like Lexis-Nexis and Experian, are well known, but mostly these are outfits that few Americans have heard of, with names like Epsilon, Altegrity and Acxiom.

These for-profit intel behemoths are involved in everything from debt collection to credit reports to consumer tracking to healthcare analysis, and provide all manner of tailored services to government and law enforcement around the world. For instance, Acxiom has done business with most major corporations, and boasts of intel on “500 million active consumers worldwide, with about 1,500 data points per person. That includes a majority of adults in the United States,” according to the New York Times.

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Amazon’s Foray Into Advertising

Here’s an AdAge article on Amazon’s new online advertising initiatives:

Amazon isn’t exactly a newcomer to advertising, but until recently its ad efforts existed in a sort of extended beta: mainly as a way for Amazon’s suppliers to promote their products and, more recently, as a means to subsidize low Kindle prices. But now Amazon is going after agency business and brand advertising dollars as well. Last week it pulled the wraps off “Amazon Media Group,” a world of owned sites, devices and a third-party network that can use Amazon’s trove of purchase and browsing data.

Like everywhere Amazon plays, its ambitions in advertising are big. And as a global player that builds its own technology, the company is positioned to compete with the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft. We sat down with Amazon’s global head of advertising, Lisa Utzschneider, to find out more about Amazon’s plans.

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