Facebook’s New Offline Sales Measurement Trick Could Make Ad Clicks Obsolete

We knew this was where Facebook was going with this when they partnered with Datalogix.  Oh, and don’t feel like you should give Facebook all the credit for this.  This model was most likely inspired by ad agencies or big brands that knew this was possible.  There are already top 100 sites doing this sort of stuff.

Facebook’s Vice President Of Ads Product Marketing Brian Boland tells me “This has never been done at this scale, to link digital exposure to in-store sales for anyone with a CRM system.” Previously, Facebook had been privately testing the measurement tool with a select few advertisers, but now it’s available to any advertiser that buys directly from Facebook’s managed sales team.

via Facebook’s New Offline Sales Measurement Trick Could Make Ad Clicks Obsolete | TechCrunch.

Clearing up the Datalogix – Facebook Relationship

When FB did the deal with Datalogix, there was a lot of misunderstanding about it.  In fact, most people mistakenly said it was about targeting, when in fact it was about attribution and ROI on the backend.  This blurb from business insider gets it right, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be ads that were targeted using advertiser’s own data.  I’ve run these sort of programs before for many years for another big media property and the ability to show ROI is valuable when it comes time for the advertisers to renew.

Basically, advertisers use their own offline data, via Datalogix, to target potential consumers with ads on Facebook. They then compare the sales results from that campaign with a control group who saw none of the advertising. The statistically significant difference can be attributed to the Facebook advertising, he says. Datalogix has run 50-plus campaigns on Facebook, Roza told Business Insider recently.

via Datalogix And Facebook – Business Insider.