Google/DoubleClick Adx– Advertising Exchange

I noticed that Doubleclick took down the description of their online advertising exchange located at  However, it’s still cached on Google and I have the copy pasted below too.  Why would they take it down?  Maybe the description was written and quickly posted to spice up the acquisition discussions?  Do they even have an exchange that’s built and semi-functional?  They claim that limited testing is going on right now.  Anyone know anyone who is currently testing? 


DoubleClick Advertising Exchange

The DoubleClick
Advertising Exchange service connects top-tier advertisers, agencies
and networks with leading online publishers to maximize yield for
sellers and improve campaign performance and ROI for buyers. It’s an
impression-by-impression marketplace developed in response to requests
from our global base of blue chip ad-serving clients.

Benefits for Sellers

Simply put, DoubleClick
Advertising Exchange simplifies your business. The system automatically
determines how to generate the highest return for every impression in
your inventory by dynamically allocating to direct or indirect channels
(premium or non-premium) and adapting to optimal pricing and demand.

Some publishers are left with as much as 80 % of their inventory
unsold. This is like an airline flying planes with four out of every
five seats empty. The DoubleClick
Advertising Exchange service helps you maximize the yield on your
inventory by enabling you to sell more of it, and at a higher price. To
continue the airline analogy, DoubleClick Advertising Exchange can help sellers "fill more seats" on every flight.

With DoubleClick Advertising Exchange, sellers can:

  • Generate new revenue from the world’s leading advertisers
  • Maximize overall yield on display advertising
  • Maintain complete control over inventory and brand
  • Streamline advertising operations through integration with DART for Publishers (DFP) and DART Enterprise (DE)*
  • Reduce financial risk – DoubleClick assumes collections risk, guaranteeing payments for inventory sold through the system

Contact us to learn more about how the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange service can help you maximize yield – and get the most value from every impression.

Benefits for Buyers

Buyers of online advertising are struggling to find enough of the best inventory. With the DoubleClick
Advertising Exchange service, you can access and target inventory that
meets your campaign needs. You can maximize ROI through dynamic pricing
and intelligent bidding, using dynamic bid rules to automatically set
maximum bids based on past performance, defining budgets and
timeframes, determining delivery goals, and selecting CPM, CPC or CPA
pricing models.

Advertisers benefit because the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange provides:

  • Real-time access to more quality inventory
  • Maximum return on media buys
  • Streamlined operations through integration with DART and other DoubleClick products*
  • Powerful targeting capabilities
  • Flexibility to buy only the impressions you want

The DoubleClick
Advertising Exchange service is currently in limited testing with a
select group of buyers and sellers in the United States. The
marketplace is expected to go “live” in Q3 and will be available
globally by the end of 2007.

Contact us to learn more about how the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange service can help you meet campaign goals – and get more from every impression.

*Usage of the DART Suite of products is optional; you may use the DoubleClick Advertising Exchange service with other ad-serving products as well.