Corporate Judo In The Tech Economy

Cnet restates what we already knew about how the web is changing businesses–

The common denominator in all this creative destruction is the Web.
It's not source code, data, or really anything else. When you analyze
open source, Web 2.0, Amazon, etc., the real game-changer is the ease
of access and distribution via the Web. Everything else is largely

But what Microsoft and the 1.0 world don't have is free distribution, free access. That
is the thing that is roiling old-world businesses and replacing them
with new-world businesses, ones that, for the most part, still haven't
figured out how to make much money–with exceptions such as Google,
Amazon, eBay, etc.

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One thought on “Corporate Judo In The Tech Economy

  1. Markets are going through major shifts related to advances in digital solutions and global access to low-cost resources. Those companies that will thrive are those that will create new solutions which adjust to these shifted markets. Just because a company survived last year and has a few bucks does not mean it will succeed in 2009 and onward. It requires innovation to deal with these major changes, and only those companies that innovate will create returns allowing them to emerge as strong, viable competitors. Read more at

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