Webmasterworld Initial Reaction To Yahoo Search Retargeting: Positive

From SER:

To my surprise, the discussion around this news at WebmasterWorld is mostly positive. I would have thought that marketers would be skeptical and a bit sarcastic in their discussion about the new offerings. But I was wrong, marketers seem excited about the news.

WebmasterWorld moderator, eWhisper, said:

I love these new offering from yahoo. Yahoo has had some of the best behavioral targeting results for display ads of anyone out there. I’ve seen interstitials combined with behavioral targeting break double digit CTRs on Y.If they can take that same targeting to search, and make a search/banner connection – they will have a great product.

I’m hoping they combine this with attribution management to show when banner are display/clicked how it affects your search CTR and eventual conversions.

Looking forward to exploring this one.