A List of Angel Investors- (A post to keep a running list)

AngelConf is a good place to begin this post. I’ll also keeping adding names in the comments (easier to add that way than to keep editing the post).

Michael Arrington
Paul Buchheit
Jeff Clavier
Ron Conway
Michael Dearing
Paul Graham
Carolynn Levy
Dave McClure
Page Mailliard
Mike Maples
Ariel Poler
Naval Ravikant
Aydin Senkut
Jim Young
Andrea Zurek


10 thoughts on “A List of Angel Investors- (A post to keep a running list)

  1. The great news for entrepreneurs is that this is changing rapidly. Since 2005, we at True have raised 2 institutional funds totaling approximately $375 million, Josh and the team at First Round closed on an institutional fund, as did Stewart and Gilman at Alsop-Louie, and Brad Feld at Foundry. Back East, Spark and Union Square Ventures have each raised two institutional funds, and Alan Patricoff started Greycroft. In addition, many very talented angels such as Mike Maples, Jeff Clavier, Ron Conway (Baseline and Ron’s other angel investments), and Paul Graham at YCombinator have raised institutional dollars.


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