Link dump of online ad news, metrics, trends

Things in cloud computing land are much worse than our hypotheses, which were already suitably cloudy.  (Brad Feld)

VCs are still simply one of the inputs into the entrepreneur ecosystem. (Brad Feld)

The KGB is Available to Answer Your Questions (Via Text Search) (SEW Blog)

Google Depends Too Much On Data Over Instinct For Design (SEL)

AOL’s woes prove that with advertising inventory, quality still matters (BI)

Wow this thing is big: Huge New Ad Unit Spotted In The Wild At (BI)

Microsoft moves down the vertical, create own in-text advertising format. (BI)

MS PubCenter is paying significantly more than Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher. But what matters is that advertisers are not upset with this. (TC)

Netflix Pays About A Nickel To Stream Each Movie Online. (BI)

Sohu, has filed to raise up to $120 million in an IPO (PC)

Henry Blodget says that even though clicks are up, we need to make sure CPCs held up. (BI)

I would say this is on the high end of the range (200-500) but not implausible: YouTube a $500 million a year business? Jefferies analyst Youssef Squali says it is (BI)

Insert a celebrity endorsement into your creative. CPMs for these ads run in the $1 to $2.50 range (PC)