Scoble to Zuckerberg: Cross the chasm before you start listening to your users

I haven’t always agreed with Scoble but he makes a good point when he recommends that Zuckerberg should not listen the early adopters because it’s the mainstream adopters that really matter.  It’s basically Crossing the Chasm in a nutshell.


EDIT: Dare Obasanjo makes a good point that I have to throw in here:

There is a legitimate problem that you weren’t getting the full gist of everything your 120 contacts (average number of Facebook friends) were doing online but it would clearly lead to information overload to get up to the minute updates about the breakfast habits of some guy who sat next to you in middle school.

Somewhere along the line, it seems the folks at Facebook didn’t internalize this fundamental difference in the social context that differentiates user to user relationships on Twitter versus Facebook. This to me is a big mistake.

I suppose, the most relevant question here is whether Facebook has already crossed the chasm.