Questions to Ask When Picking You VC

I thought this post was excellent (via VCMike).  Here are some questions to ask when picking your VC

1. How do you see our market changing over the next few years? Your investor has to develop her own ideas about your business sooner or later. At this early stage, this question is mostly an IQ test.
2. When times have gotten tough for your portfolio companies, how have you helped them out? Anybody can get lucky with an investment that takes off like a rocket; all you have to do is hang on for dear life. A VC’s true measure is how she gets all her other companies pointed in the right direction.
3. Who are your favorite entrepreneurs? Some people genuinely like entrepreneurs, notwithstanding their volatility and constant intellectual jousting. Most people fake it. If the investors’ fave five is composed of people she hasn’t worked with, she’s faking it.