Mobile advertising – CPMs, CPCs, CTRs and CPAs

Forgot if I already linked to this, here are some stat highlights:

– Performance campaigns typically £5k to £100k per month, run by mobile content companies etc require a lot of work to setup, in depth targeting, 10 different types of creative, multiple landing pages, line-by-line analytics

– Brand campaigns run by the likes of Tesco and Man United are much smaller in scale (£1k to £5k) per month so less interesting for an agency like RIngRing

– CPM advertising typically costs £2 to £20 (for the really big portals)

– CPC from ad networks ranges from 1p to 30p

– Search £1 CPC – search converts much more effectively in general but very little supply – Ring Ring try and buy as much of it as possible

– Search has a 5-20% click through

– Display has a 0.3% to 3% click through (0.3% still higher click thru rate than online)

via mjelly mobile 2.0 blog: Mobile advertising – CPMs, CPCs, CTRs and CPAs – #mweb09.