harder than breaking into VC– Going from non-check writer to check writer

It seems to me that Chris made a list of hot button topics on the startup economy and is unleashing posts on these by the day. This is stuff that everyone who is plugged into the VC community knows but isn’t documented. Here, he talks about how hard it is to be a junior guy in venture capital:

There is kind of a Catch-22 here:  you can only gain credibility by having led deals, yet you can’t lead deals until you’ve gotten credibility.  Some partners are nice and let high level junior people “virtually” lead deals, join boards etc so they can get credit.  My advice here is to try to get your hands on a checkbook, even if it means leaving a top tier VC and going to a second tier one. Too many junior people hang around top tier firms waiting to get promoted.

And I totally agree with this one:

If you really want to break into VC and aren’t just now graduating from a top school, my top suggestion would be to go start a company.  If you don’t have the stomach for that, the next best thing is to work in a VC-backed portfolio company, hopefully in a role where you get some VC exposure.

via / Getting a job in venture capital.