Media coverage of content farms blew up today

This content farm stuff blew up over the weekend.  Check out techmeme, which headlines the techcrunch article: The End Of Hand Crafted Content.

I posted this about four days ago on this topic, prompted by an article on eHow vs wikiHow: wikiHow vs. eHow: Is The Wiki Way Better Than Content Farms?

In the long run, it’s apparent that Google will consider this stuff low quality content.  So how does this play out?  I’m not sure I want to set up a company that will be directly battling Google’s army of smart engineers.

If Google wanted to, they can identify every domain that’s owned by content farms and throw them in a penalty box.  So the bigger these companies get, the easier it is to clean up their search engine results pages.  So I’m not as worried about the industrial content farms as I am about the mom and pop farms.


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