100% Reach Blocks on Facebook (homepage takeovers) now cost almost as much as a basic homepage takeover on Yahoo and MSN.

This is quite interesting if advertisers are really valuing these Facebook configuration at scale.  The point of doing takeovers is that it gives site owners a new product that can’t really be commoditized at this juncture.  Plus, it’s a nice story that you can sell and can command a nice premium:

Facebook defines a 100% reach block as:

Reach blocks allow advertisers to reach all of a specified demographic on a given day.  Once a user sees the Engagement ad 5 times (the frequency cap), they will not see that advertisement anymore, and your remaining impressions reach other users in the target.”

With a “reach block,” advertisers can buy all the banner and video inventory on the homepages of users that fall within the targeted demographic.  Big reach blocks cost north of $300,000 per day. Facebook would only say these campaigns are “not uncommon,” which we interpret as meaning they are fairly common.

via Facebook Stealing More Share Of Brand Advertising — At Expense Of Yahoo, AOL, And Even Google.

But at the end, some of the same issues persist:

one major agency that handles large consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) spending is not currently steering much of its online budget to Facebook, citing a lack of quality inventory.