Lead Gen Deja Vu- Lockerz

I just read about the Lockerz funding:

Seattle-based startup Lockerz is a new kind of social networking service—an invitation-only social commerce site where the ultimate goal is for members to earn rewards for their online interaction. Through the site, members collect points redeemable for discounts on brand name products by connecting with friends, watching videos, shopping online, and otherwise engaging in the Lockerz community

Then I googled them and got lead gen deja vu.

The site makes lots of grand promises , but it does not deliver. They are slow to credit you for points. They don’t run it like a real business. It is much more like the other internet scams that say that you will get “stuff” or money for doing tasks that anyone could do with no training. Nobody can stay in business by giving away something for nothing. Avoid them.

I don’t know anything about the company but this sure brought back some memories.


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