Pay to surf on smartphones

I feel old now.

Tooyoou is an app in the Market that allows you to place a small banner ad on your homescreen in the form of a widget and you get paid through your Paypal account for as long as the widget stays there. Essentially, the company is giving you a percentage of the ad-revenue they’re making off these ads and you don’t have to do anything but give up some precious screen real estate.

via Get Paid to View Ads on Your Android Device – Introducing Tooyoou.


One thought on “Pay to surf on smartphones

  1. Well, it’s been a couple years since I last heard about this type of scheme. There must be a fresh batch of angel investors with too much money on their hands. And the name…

    Have any of these ‘get paid to surf’ companies ever turned into a long-term business?

    From the article update: “Typical users have made about $2.50 a month.” That’s abut 500% higher than I would have expected, and still not enough to pay for a meal at McD’s.

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