“lifetime value” of an Apple iPhone customer: $700 to $900

Older article but some interesting data points on lifetime values:

Sacconaghi computes the “lifetime value” of an Apple iPhone customer at $700 to $900, $600 to $650 for the Mac, and $275 to $300 for the persona who buys an iPad.The “net present value” of those customer valuations is $204 billion right now, likely going to $293 billion in fiscal 2013 ending September of that year he estimates, and to $373 billion at the end of fiscal 2014, he projects.And, for the whopper: “Our analysis points to a customer + cash value of $548B at the end of FY14 under conservative assumptions, a 28% premium to Apple’s current market capitalization.”

via Apple: Bernstein Sees $204B in ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ – Tech Trader Daily – Barrons.com.