What If Online Doesn’t Work For Branding?

Jerry Neuman asks what if online just doesn’t work for branding?

Maybe the medium itself is antithetical to the way brands are built. Like direct mail, maybe the very fact of delivering your message in a low budget, specifically targeted way cannot in any way build a brand. Brands attempt to exist autonomously, they are objects of desire, they want to distinguish what otherwise is indistinguishable. The psychological processes of branding are inimical to the idea that the brand has been chosen for you. Brands do not choose you; you choose brands. Brands are aloof, they aspire to be the Platonic ideal, their competitors just shadows.

via What If Online Doesn’t Work For Branding?.

My opinion is that the medium is dynamic and continues to evolve so we shouldn’t assume that what we think of digital advertising today might not be what we think of it in ten years.

I guess the Hypernet theory has been growing on me over the months.