Mobile cannibalization is a good problem to have

Below is a snippet from Mark Cuban on Facebook. It’s a big ass problem, but it’s a good problem because it means you’re still relevant in the upcoming generation.  The issue is that nobody has really figured out how to monetize mobile at the same rate or higher than desktop.  If you’re not struggling with this problem, then there is something wrong.

 Mobile is going to crush Facebook…

However the same is absolutely true for every ad driven internet site. They face limitations in what they can offer on mobile vs what they can offer through a PC brower. Look at the Google search results on mobile. No where near the number of results. Thats fewer click and CPM opportunities and ZERO display ad opportunities. Of course Google has Android, but that still isn’t generating much , if any revenue for them and it isnt currently designed to.

via The Facebook IPO Was A Killer, But Not For The Reasons You Think – Business Insider.

Contrary to Mark using them as an example, Google search may be having some success with this and there could be a few others, but not many.


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