Google Now- makes reality what were adware company’s dreams

We live in the future.

Here are a handful of things that Google Now can do:

  • Favorite sports teams: Your favorite sports teams are tracked at all times. If they are playing, Now will have the game set up as a card for you to follow along with, live.
  • Weather: No matter what your location is, Now knows the weather and displays it for you on a card.
  • Traffic: When you wake up in the morning, Now will tell you how long your commute should take and if an alternate route is recommended. It will do the same when you come home too. It knows when you travel to and from places.
  • Reminders: Now will remind you that you have a meeting along with directions on how to get there.
  • Transit: If you are standing at a public transit station, Now will recognize this and tell you when the next bus or train will arrive.
  • Places: While on the go, Now will recommend bars, restaurants and any other place that it feels you may enjoy.

via Google Now is Awesome. – Droid Life.