SOURCE: Microsoft May Abandon The Ad Business Over IE10 Fiasco

Last month, I wondered about the current state of politics within Microsoft when their IE browser team announced they would ship the next browser with Do Not Track turned on by default.

Now, BI reports that Microsoft is clearly messed up:

Nonetheless, two sources tell us that times are rocky inside Microsoft Advertising.

An ad executive involved with the IE10 dispute likened Microsoft’s browser and ad departments to entirely separate companies. Indeed, IE lives within the Windows division — Microsoft’s core business, and a major source of revenue (about $19 billion a year) and profit (about $12 billion a year), while Microsoft Advertising is part of the Online group, which is on track to lose more than $2 billion this year.

The source told us that the disconnect left the advertising team in the dark about the do-not-track default.

“The decision was made with zero discussion or awareness by the Microsoft Advertising side of it,” the source said. “And yet by the same token the company has been putting them, forcing them, forward in front of the rest of the advertising world to back it, and that’s been tough.”

via SOURCE: Microsoft May Abandon The Ad Business Over IE10 Fiasco – Business Insider.