Facebook’s ad product offerings starting to sound more typical

Inside Facebook’s Push to Woo Big Advertisers – WSJ.com.

This article delves into the topic of how advertisers are demanding more measurable results from Facebook ad products.  Initially, Facebook only provided info on number of clicks on ads but now they are providing more data back to advertisers by incorporating third party measurement and collecting engagement metrics.

It’s clear that Facebook is putting in a lot of effort to woo brand advertisers, understand what they want, and develop solutions that deliver results.
It’s a huge commitment and it’s going to be an ongoing process.  Whoever said that Facebook wouldn’t bend over backwards to work on monetization products because their dual class stock structure allowed them the flexibility was completely wrong.

Strategically, if I was Mark Zuckerberg, I might have bought revenue (e.g. acquire a company like Groupon), which would have bought some time before I had to double down on selling to brand marketers.