Frustrated with poor mobile sales, publishers blame ad agencies

Asked to name the main inhibitors to mobile revenue generation, a majority blamed “agencies’ attitude toward mobile” (55 percent) and dependency on low-yield ad networks (52 percent).

via Frustrated with poor mobile sales, publishers blame ad agencies — paidContent.

I know I wrote about this before but I did a quick search on the site and couldn’t find the post.  My main point was that there are web properties out there who have aggressively tested the waters when it comes to mobile products by floating various versions out there (bundled, unbundled, CPM based, etc.) and they have gotten mixed signals from agencies.

That’s why I’m not surprised that this sentiment is out there.  Publishers are under the gun to monetize their properties so although some will be strategic and try not to go down a path that will make them worse off in the long run, a lot of others feel like they have no choice at this point.

After all, mobile is an ecosystem and if a publisher is offering mobile only products, there first has to be interest but there also has to be an availability of creative from the agencies.