The Multi Screen Solution– A VC: Media Metrix Multi Platform

comScore is announcing something today that I am quite excited about. It is called Media Metrix Multi Platform (via A VC: Media Metrix Multi Platform.)

If multi-screen isn’t mainstream yet, I’m betting it will be.  I typically keep this blog pretty free of forecasts but in many ways, this isn’t a forecast because big media cos have been dabbling in this for quite some time.  What’s been holding it back is that de-duplication never existed except for sites such as Facebook where you need to be logged in (more on this later).  We’ll see if comScore is good enough to kickstart this trend on the demand side.

Multi-screen is the default option for desktop incumbents who are staring into a future that’s turning more mobile.  As an incumbent, you have to rely on your existing desktop business for current revenues but build for a mobile future and multi-screen is not just the perfect compromise but really the only option.

In this future, properties where logged in experiences are dominant have enjoyed a huge leg up because these were really the only firms that could track users across multiple platforms (and report these metrics to advertisers).  We’ll see if comScore helps bridge that gap a bit along with stirring up some activity among advertisers and agencies.

NOTE to entrepreneurs:  Be warned that you may lose several advantages if you react to this post and decide to build web first (vs mobile first).  There are tradeoffs that you need to consider (Innovators Dilemma) if you decide to go web first, namely that you will be directly competing with the big incumbents on their battleground.

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