Unnatural Acts And The Rise Of Mobile | TechCrunch

This mobile ad strawman is nothing new but it’s worthy of a link since it shows a good understanding of the state of play.  This is especially good now because I’ve seen so many terrible articles about advertising in recent weeks.  The main argument in the post below is that firms are desperate to monetize mobile and they will use very short term driven tactics to do so, which will end up hurting the entire ecosystem in the long run.

Advertising is so far disappointing both in terms of its scale and its growth trajectory, as well as the value of a CPM. This disappointment forces mobile marketers to either innovate in the meaning of advertising on mobile or to systematically force feed both a large volume of ads, as well as attempt to target those ads in such a way that higher CPMs can be achieved.

via Unnatural Acts And The Rise Of Mobile | TechCrunch.