What it means that so many people are surprised by the success of SurveyMonkey

I’ve written about SurveyMonkey in the past and if you’re around the right circles in the Bay Area, you hear the stories about how well they are doing.  I’ve blogged about them several years ago too.

Over on Hacker News, several people are amazed at how they are printing money:

I’m also amazed how well they are doing. Do they have some kinda online survey patent or do competitors just suck that much?


Chalk me up as dumbfounded as well. How you build a business model upon something so simple, easy to replicate, and (to me) value-less is a mystery.

The lesson here is that there are pockets of opportunities out there in unsexy markets.  There may be no such thing as free lunch but I guess there is such thing as cheap lunch.