No-Work-From-Home Is The Right Move

I’ve read a lot of commentary on this already.  Even tech firms are piling on by announcing they like remote workers and to submit resumes.  On some high quality industry forums, there’s even discussions on whether a viable remote worker model can be sustained.

All these miss the major issue at hand– this goes beyond theory of management science/organizational behavior and trying to answer whether remote working is good or bad.  There’s one big contextual factor here: Yahoo’s culture is broken.

Yep, that’s core to what’s going on here–  Yahoo’s culture is broken and Marissa is trying to fix it.  Broken culture seeps into every crack and crevice in a large organization and you have to remove those cracks before you can investing in culture the right way.

Maybe in the future, remote working can be re-introduced at Yahoo but not until things or fixed.  This is one of the most difficult jobs in business, especially at such a big co as Yahoo.

Here’s the Internal Yahoo No-Work-From-Home Memo – Kara Swisher – News – AllThingsD.

EDIT: This post from business insider pretty much confirms this:

Bigger picture: this is about Mayer “carefully getting to problems created by Yahoo’s huge, bloated infrastructure.” The company got fat and lazy over the past 15 years, and this is Mayer getting it into fighting shape.