Why online ads will never be as big as tv ads

It’s one thing to understand why the divide exists.  It’s another to say that online will never figure it out.  Felix Salmon argues both points, saying that the TV ad product is better and that online won’t do what TV does.  I’m still hopeful.  We’re still only in the early innings and what we know as online or digital advertising can look totally different in just a couple of years.

This, then, is the biggest reason why TV ad dollars are not going to become online ad dollars: online ads simply don’t do what TV ads do. TV ads are large and beautifully produced and expensive, and they’re presented on a beautiful screen without distractions: they fill up the screen, and 30 seconds of time, and they appear often enough that they become part of the world of the people watching 145 hours of TV every month.

via Content economics, part 1: advertising | Felix Salmon.