Decade-Old StumbleUpon Finds Profits in Mobile

Nice to see StumbleUpon chugging along:

StumbleUpon’s 100,000 advertisers have grown to like the app, too. Comedy Central pays as much $75,000 for a few days’ worth of ads on StumbleUpon. The Viacom-owned television network’s campaigns include video clips promoting its “Drunk History” show and a Web game where users spar with a digital version of actor James Franco.

via Decade-Old StumbleUpon Finds Profits in the Mobile Era – Bloomberg.

Some history on these guys (from the same article):

“Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon’s mobile resurgence comes after a tumultuous decade. The startup was acquired by EBay, spun out, and then failed in its online-video and search efforts. Camp stepped down as CEO last year to spend more time working on Uber, the taxi-booking service he helped start, and a similar app for chartering private jets.”