“Paid apps work because they provide the great experience people deserve as customers.”

Finally got around to reading this article.  It’s a good one that talks about the long game of free vs. paid.  In short, you know with free apps, they have to sell your data or show you ads to make money.  But with paid apps, it’s harder to achieve the scale of free apps.  So how do you negotiate this?

“The future of sustainable app development is to give away as much value as possible and empower those who receive more value to pay more for it.”

Without a huge behavior change in the market, the sad reality is that there’s no good end game in sight:

While we wait for that innovation, users might need to adapt to a new way to think about investing time in software. “Whether it’s in advertising, selling your data, or losing the service altogether, ” Day One founder Mayne says, “I think users are starting to see the cost of choosing free apps and services.”

via Consumers pay the hidden costs for the ‘free’ app ecosystem | The Verge.