Behind the scenes mobile data collection

Collection of data while apps aren’t active is going to be one of the big things in 2014.  This includes Foursquare location tracking (story below), Shazam listening, Runkeeper with fitbit-like tracking functionality.

Another related story will be the use of mobile data to solve the cold start problem with apps.  Before, when you install an app that is dependent on location history, you’d have to wait until it collects data before you could do anything useful with it.  Now, on iOS, the app has access to historical data so you’ll see benefits immediately post-installation.

Foursquare briefed ad executives recently on a new initiative to track the location of users’ phones, without requiring them to check in, according to Digiday. The app is able to do this by taking advantage of the “Background App Refresh” feature on iOS7 devices. On Android devices, Foursquare is pinging smartphones “every few minutes” to determine a user’s location. So, Foursquare no longer needs users to publicly check in to know where they are.

via Foursquare Surpasses 45 Million Registered Users, And Begins Collecting Data In New Ways 2 – Business Insider.