For TV Reruns, an Existential Crisis

Stats on how much second run episodes are getting purchased for by cable networks:

TBS will pay about $1.7 million an episode for the show, which centers on working-class waitresses with dreams of launching a cupcake business, Morgan Stanley estimates. That is more than the $1.5 million per episode TBS now pays for “Big Bang Theory,” a far bigger hit, with an average of 23 million viewers tuning into CBS’s telecasts, according to Nielsen. On CBS, “2 Broke Girls” has viewership of 10.1 million.

“Big Bang Theory” has proved its worth for TBS. It draws a disproportionate share of TBS’ audience, accounting for 20% of all ads viewers see on the network, according to MoffettNathanson Research, even though the show makes up only 6% of programming hours.

By contrast, USA Network is spending $1.4 million per episode for reruns of ABC’s “Modern Family.” While the show has been successful on ABC, ratings have been somewhat soft, media buyers say, with an average of 611,000 viewers in the high-value demographic of 18 to 49-year-olds in May, compared with 1.1 million for “Big Bang Theory” on TBS, according to Nielsen figures provided by media-buying firm Horizon Media.

via For TV Reruns, an Existential Crisis – WSJ.