Network Lets You Sell Your Data For Cloud Storage

This has been tried before.  Each time another batch of startups tries again, I try to keep an open mind.

Ctrl-Shift, a London-based marketing consultancy, says it is seeing an average launch rate of one new “personal information management services” initiative a week. These companies and organizations, or PIMS, aim to help individuals assert more control over their data, and get more value from it…

One gigabyte is not enough to store photos, music, and video though, so individuals can use their private data as currency to buy more cloud storage, for example, by selling their shoe size and wardrobe preferences to a clothing brand. The brand pays for that channel to a user’s data, and the money is split between the individual user, the cloud provider, and the Respect Network. Mr. Reed could not say how private data will be priced, as the network will only start offering the business model in November. He added however that the business itself would likely set the value of an individual’s data.

via Network Lets You Sell Your Data For Cloud Storage – Digits – WSJ.