Link Round Up Oct 3

Thomas Hawk, who has spent a lot of time thinking about advertising models provides his pov on why ello can succeed: the quality of the content – Ello | thomashawk

Yelp-led consortium wants third party sites included in top results. – SEL

Spyware That Hundreds of Police Agencies Have Distributed to Families | Electronic Frontier Foundation

At its core, Windows 10 is an attempt to realize the dream of “write once, run anywhere” for Windows development. – Wired

App constellations is bullshit: Why The New York Times’ niche app strategy is flailing – Digiday

Some incredible stats on the size of followers and how quickly they have messages viewed by hundreds of thousands on Snapchat. – Gizmodo

Some pros and cons of Google’s plan to give every “thing” a URL — Gigaom

Advertising Technology Overview by Thomvest (slideshare) « Thomvest

Been saying this for years, tldr: Big Data and complex algorithms are not really that useful in many situations. – Justin Fox

After all those IPO flops, does ad tech deserve a second chance? – Fortune