Link Roundup Oct 21

Some older links but good reading:

The only options for monetizing mobile app users are ads, cross selling paid apps, or in-app purchases
Making Instapaper Free — Medium

Twitter to roll out its Buy button to general public in early 2015 | VentureBeat

Apple Store app on an iPad uses your current model in the ad to compare with the new one. – Twitter

Ad tech accelerator targets agency execs as investors – Digiday

This Foursquare job listing reads like a legit Ad Product Manager gig – Lever

Another startup story peppered with details of how much the founders dislike traditional online advertising-  Houzz’s Founders Have Become Tech’s Newest Power Couple

The internet as a great “disintermediation machine” has proved only half-true – Economist

US Programmatic Ad Spend Tops $10 Billion This Year, to Double by 2016 – emarketer

Amazon may look different from it’s offline competitors but in ten years, they will look similar to each other – HBR