Increased Use of Adblockers Drives Change for Digital Advertising

Pretty interesting survey stats on the action/reaction between readers and publishers with regards to the increased use of ad blockers:

While content producers expect to be compensated, it is difficult to attract consumers to content if they are forced to pay for it. This creates a dilemma that has been typically solved through advertising, an age-old solution that provides “free” content to consumers by giving it away with strings attached. But now adblocking is cutting those strings, and it is up to marketers to find the sweet spot between these polar opposites. In our study, we asked 1,600 participants about their willingness to receive advertisements packaged with the content they consume. Sixty-one percent of respondents stated they were completely unwilling to receive such advertisements, yet only 20% of respondents stated they would be willing to pay some sort of fee for an ad-free experience.

ADI 12

When asked about specific types of ads, consumers said they were more willing to view some ads over others. When browsing regular Web content, two thirds of respondents said they were at least slightly willing to view text display ads and still image ads. Meanwhile, when consuming online videos, two thirds of respondents said they were slightly willing to see skippable pre-roll ads, and almost half were at least slightly willing to view skippable mid-roll ads.

Armed with this information, marketers can fill the proverbial shoes of baby bear by developing successful ad campaigns for producers that are viewed as neither intrusive nor annoying by consumers. These campaigns must involve such tactics as improving ad targeting, increasing the variability of ad content, and diversification across ad forms. If consumers are satisfied with the types of ads they are being presented with, marketers will be able to come up with the “just right” solution to this online digital dichotomy.

via Increased Use of Adblockers Drives Change for Digital Advertising – Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe.