“A Call to Israeli Engineers! Adtech Is Not For You”

Yikes, you didn’t have do use so much data to write a takedown of an entire industry:



Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 3.57.25 PM





All but one of the companies is trading measurably below its IPO price (first day close and IPO price). On average, the group is down 49% from their IPO day prices…


I reiterate that I believe that founders can make money in adtech by exploiting these business holes for a while. In addition, even as you raise capital, founders will likely be taken care of in an exit either by an acquiring company or the board of a start up. The ones left holding the proverbial “bag” in an adtech company are the engineers and the rank and file employees and they might end up looking back at years of blood sweat and tears with little to show for big revenue growth and a lot of effort.


via A Call to Israeli Engineers! Adtech Is Not For You. | Aleph.