Facebook ad tech strategy: Piecing DoubleClick 2.0 together

Yes, Facebook + Atlas = potentially better than each biz on it’s own.

Facebook has been actively hiring ex-DoubleClickers over the past 12-24 months, and it has to be expected that these senior hires will steer its ad tech strategy in the general direction of Google.

Its acquisition and subsequent rebuild of Atlas is just the beginning. Facebook is already building capabilities around attribution, and making noise about multi-touch while berating the current last-click system (which has served Google so well in tightening its grip on the space).

A DSP is also coming this quarter – or the second quarter. It’s inevitable. As one Googler put it to me recently: “It’s where the rubber hits the road for Facebook’s data”.

via Echo Chamber: Revealed, the Facebook Ad Tech Strategy… And it’s Kind of Like Google | ExchangeWire.com.