Messaging apps shouldn’t make money (Wired UK)

The founder of Telegram, a secure and open source messaging platform:

There is, he says, a wider purpose behind Telegram: “Secure messaging should be free for everyone. Displaying ads alongside your private communication seems out of place, even immoral.” Besides, other messaging apps on the market are not, he says, up to par. “We’re aiming to set a higher standard for messaging technologies, to raise the bar of communication in terms of speed, security and versatility.”

He has long sparred with WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum, originally from Ukraine. When Telegram launched in August 2013, Koum was quoted in a Russian magazine as accusing him of plagiarism: “Pavel Durov only knows how to copy great products like Facebook and WhatsApp,” Koum was quoted as saying. Last November, Durov responded in a post on Medium titled “How To Predict WhatsApp Features”: “A great thing about building Telegram is that you can force bigger apps to improve their products, and also predict their actions,” he wrote, before listing features he suggested the incumbent had copied from his more innovative app. “They still didn’t catch up with us.”

via Messaging apps shouldn’t make money (Wired UK).