The (very) big fight for the small screen

Is it me or is this a really unique longread article that’s really hard to skim?  In summary, it’s the same story about new media companies (this time around, it’s the Buzzfeeds and Vice Medias of the world) trying to convince brands to spend big money on new media (very different from the high quality production of television).

The trick for this trio and their peers will be convincing brands who are accustomed to spending their TV budgets on highly produced shows like American Idol to get comfortable with the freewheeling world of giggling, swashbuckling, amateur Web content. Soon enough, they’ll have to: The way we watch video content is changing rapidly, and it won’t be for much longer that Web video lives solely on laptops and in Roku boxes. The next wave of television sets have the Internet already built in. It won’t be online video versus television—it’ll just be entertainment.

via The (very) big fight for the small screen – Fortune.