With AOL, Verizon Takes on Google and Facebook in Digital Advertising

My first thought is that VZ is trying to run an end around its privacy issues surrounding their attempts to monetize their user data:

Verizon subsidiary Verizon Wireless launched a product last year called PrecisionID, which the company said was designed to power “data-driven marketing and addressable advertising.” AOL, meanwhile purchased attribution company Convertro in 2014 to help power its own cross-device efforts.

The Verizon product ran into some privacy concerns from users, and industry observers suggest Verizon could face similar challenges if it attempts to apply its data to AOL’s products.

Verizon “has a ton of data on consumers. The question is how it manages it in a way that doesn’t irritate consumers,” said Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser.

via With AOL, Verizon Takes on Google and Facebook in Digital Advertising – CMO Today – WSJ.