Statistics on Facebook Video v YouTube Video

Important to note that YouTube still dominates in sheer size but looking at this data does matter:

Facebook videos perform better on Facebook than YouTube videos do: Facebook has an autoplay feature and its algorithm prioritises videos to make up 30% of the News Feed. That is a driving factor here.

FB dominates on interactions.  If you know these platforms, it’s easy to understand why (the social layer):

In terms of interactions, Facebook has virtually wiped out YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram: Native Facebook videos perform exponentially better than videos from all other platforms.

Youtube still dominates video and there’s a lot of positive metrics coming off that platform so you need to look at all the data.

On YouTube, video uploads and video views continue to climb. But brand uploads are levelling out ever so slightly.

Now look at the shift in promoted posts. This is were the money is. Back in 2014, YouTube links were promoted two times more than Facebook videos: A year later, things have shifted – drastically. Now Facebook videos are being promoted much more than YouTube videos.

via Statistics on Facebook Video v YouTube Video – Business Insider.