Google: Mobile app marketing insights

Most installed apps are not used often.

The average app user has 36 apps installed on his or her smartphone. Only one in four of those apps are used daily, while 1 in 4 apps are never used. The most common types of apps used daily are social/communication and gaming apps.

App discovery can occur outside of the app store.

While the app store and word of mouth are major sources of app awareness, search can also help consumers discover apps during moments of intent. In fact, one in four app users discover apps through a search engine.

Search is effective in driving app downloads.

Although four out of five app users consider the price of an app important when deciding to download, search ads can also be effective in influencing the download. Among app users who were influenced by ads on a smartphone when downloading an app, 50% were prompted to download through search ads.

Apps play a role during the purchase path.
One in two app users turn to apps to help make purchase decisions. Of these, 45% use apps to look for more business or product information, and 29% use apps further down the funnel to make a purchase, either online or offline.
Incentives can renew app usage among abandoned users.
A third of app users stop using or uninstall apps because they
lose interest. But incentives can be effective in renewing app
usage. Of those who stop using apps, 30% would use an app
again if offered a discount, and 24% would reuse an app if offered exclusive or bonus content.

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