Confessions of a Google Spammer

How Panda crushed this spammer:

I swore I wouldn’t let Google make us stop hustlin’. But Rand was right. Within 2 months, our entire network of 5,000+ blogs—for which we paid more than $80,000—was deindexed, dead, simply kaput. Our $100k/mo business was ruined.

However, I remained arrogant and defiant. I still believed that making money online would be easy. I thought I could just make some minor adjustments to our strategy and keep on banging out new successful products.

I funneled more than $100,000 into various new link schemes, each one more “white hat”-seeming than the next.

Nothing worked for long. Google’s deindexing, plus Panda and Penguin, were just too much of a challenge for us. I would put in 3 months of work, get 4 months of sales, and either almost break even or have a huge deficit.

via Confessions of a Google Spammer.