Facebook’s planned customer-data change called ‘land grab’ by publishers

The publishers, speaking under the condition of anonymity, claim that after the change goes through on Nov. 4, Facebook will be putting them in an untenable position: Either they choose to forego mobile Facebook advertising, or they turn over to Facebook much of the data about customers installing their apps, including information the publishers say should be their own proprietary data. And for many big game publishers who are extremely dependent on Facebook for acquiring new users, they will effectively be forced into the latter option.

These publishers worry this will give Facebook an unfair advantage by letting other publishers pay to target these same customers. The publishers also fret that providing Facebook with this customer data without getting appropriate permission could violate the privacy of their users installing their apps.

via Facebook’s planned customer-data change called ‘land grab’ by publishers | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Dean Takahashi && Matt Marshall.