“we don’t believe in mobile; it doesn’t have the same franchise potential”

Mobile game marketing costs are too high, gamers churn before breaking even from a monetization perspective, and distribution is controlled by celebrity brands (e.g. Star Wars, Kim Kardashian) and App Store featuring from Cupertino and Mountain View.

That said, a relatively mature mobile gaming incumbent making casual games is a little different. Candy Crush is addictive and the barriers to adoption are very low — a baby could understand how a match-3 game works. Virality is part of the game’s DNA, encouraging players to share with their Facebook friends to get in-game boosters…

From my short stint as a banker in my former life, I could have rationalized the acquisition in my Excel spreadsheets to a bunch of earnings-accretion seeking corporate development guys. But as a gamer I see a short-termist attempt to show Wall Street some growth, but not much in the way of real innovation on a platform where an old school console publisher is arriving late to the party.

Source: The King is Dead. All Hail the King! — Medium