Snapchat ads

Two interesting snapchat reads.  First is on whether Snapchat can figure out ad monetization:

For Snapchat advertisers, the question is whether prices that can reach more than $500,000 for some ads is worth it when the company lags competitors in targeting specific consumers and measuring how ads perform.”If Snapchat doesn’t get that figured out, they’re in trouble,” said Nick Godfrey, chief operating officer at RAIN, a digital strategy agency.

Source: Snapchat’s lackluster ad business threatens $16 billion valuation | Reuters

And then second on how they have to use screenshot to verify ads for their clients:

 Screenshots? Well, when a marketer pays a Snapchat creator to make a video featuring their brand, they typically have to rely on that creator to take a screenshot of their personal Snapchat page—something only they can see—with their phone. That’s essentially the only way for an advertiser to know how many people see an influencer’s Snapchat video and to feel comfortable that they got what they paid for (since most social influencers promise advertisers a certain amount of viewership for their content)

Source WSJ